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Brief History of Black Widow Strain

black widow

The counterpart to her White sibling. Black Widow derives from the same strain that has won a number of awards since the Widow was introduced in 1994. Widow varieties have received kudos from around the globe. and rightly so. The Widow strains have high natural THC levels, achieved through selective breeding.

Black Widow parted from her famous sister to follow her own color and genetic destiny with the establishment of Mr. Nice Seed Bank. She maintains the resin production that gives this variety a white, cobwebbed look. Her name has encompassed the added intrigue of the infamous female spider who devours her mate. Black Widow has a pungent, sweet scent with an acrid, ammonia overlay. The smoke’s flavor improves upon the scent, tastiing of sweet pine. The high is very lucid, but may sometimes make you want to lie in a hammock and doze.

This plant’s structure is like a lanky Christmas tree. Black Widow likes TLC to achieve optimum results. For indoor methods. 8 to 10 weeks of flowering are necessary to produce the immense resin of which this plant is capable. In outdoor gardens, high rainfall can result in reduced yield. Great to use in experimental stains for the layman, the male pollen is recommended to achieve some interesting hybrids

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